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Stunning contemporary rugs and traditional Moroccan Berber Rugs.

LUDA BERBER RUG 245cm x 155cm

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LUDA BERBER RUG 245cm x 155cm


These authentic hand woven Berber rugs have been individually crafted by the Moroccan Berber tribes. Using wool from the sheep of the Atlas Mountains each rug is unique and has been woven using traditional methods. We have hand selected each rug for its quality and stunning design. Berber rugs are notable for their natural white/ivory tones and naturally dyed darker intertwined pattern. They look beautiful in most colour schemes and create a wow factor to any room.

*Please note the design, colour may vary due to the nature and authenticity of each piece.

Dimensions: 245cm x 155cm

Thickness: approx 25mm 

Material: Moroccan wool pile (100% organic)

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