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Social workshops for the creatively curious.


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New workshop! 4th February. A Day Retreat with House Curious and Rooted London

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Date: 4th February 

Time: 10.30am - 6.30pm

Cost: £145 : Venue: House Curious, Wandsworth Common

NOURISH CLUB: A Day Retreat with House Curious and Rooted London

To nourish; provide with the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition. To keep (a feeling or belief) in one's mind, typically for a long time.

When was the last time you felt truly nourished in mind, body and spirit? As the New Year sets in, it’s time to say YES to YOU and YES to nourishment in every form.

Join House Curious and Rooted London for a day retreat that's set to NOURISH, giving you the opportunity to step into the New Year with a fresh mindset that will allow you to embrace 2018 with creativity and positivity. 

Using a mix of breath work, meditation, self-love empowerment, nutrition and life coaching workshops, plus a cooking demo together, this workshop will create space for change and inspiration for the New Year. You’ll learn how to re-connect to your body and eat intuitively, overcome obstacles and think more positively, create the perfect space for reflection and rest, restore energy with self-love and how to manifest your dreams into reality with vision boards. 

Welcome to the Nourish Club…

What's included?

10.30 Welcome warming tonics and introductions

11am Meditation workshop with Pandora

11.30am Nutrition workshop: nourishing mind and body with Pandora

12.30pm Cooking demo and lunch: we'll cook together and then eat our delicious creations (as a group)

3pm How to create the perfect space for reflection and rest with Sommer

3.30pm Overcoming obstacles and thinking positively with Pandora and Sommer

4pm Break and snacks

4.30pm Manifesting workshop and making vision boards with Pandora and Sommer

6pm - finish

About Pandora

Pandora Paloma is a Holistic Nutrition and Life Coach and Founder of ROOTED LONDON. She specialises in Women's Health, Intuitive Eating and Living and Self-love Empowerment. Known for her intuitive approach, Pandora works to support individuals to return to their roots - their true form - and in turn, their true potential. She is a big believer in listening to your body and feeding your soul - believing that optimum health starts with loving yourself, your body and your mind. Pandora has a decade of experience, having trained in Nutrition, Intuitive Eating, Life Coaching, Yoga, Meditation and Visualisations and Reiki Healing to create a unique offering for her clients. 

About Sommer

Sommer Pyne is the founder of lifestyle boutique and creative event space House Curious. About 5 years ago Sommer’s world was turned upside down when her daughter arrived early with a life-threatening illness. This was a pivotal moment for her to re-evaluate everything in her life. Disillusioned with the advertising world she quit her job and took a couple of years out to look after her daughter. It was at this point Sommer realised that life is too short to not live out your dreams and with a new-found energy she put all her passions into one basket and created House Curious. Her business has gone from strength to strength and has caught the attention of industry experts who have featured her home and business in a number of high profile magazines.