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House Curious

Lifestyle and interior shop. Social workshops for the creatively curious.

House Destinations - Scandinavia

Sommer Pyne

Photo by  Nick Karvounis

Next stop on our whistle stop tour of stunning properties around the world is Scandinavia which is made up of 3 countries in northern Europe, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Scandi design have gained notoriety for their love of interior design and clean modern design over the last decade and the Scandi trend continues to flourish. We take a look at 5 unique properties and their interior style. We hope you enjoy and can take inspiration from them.

Photos by Jacob Gils

Photos by Jacob Gils

Summer Haus

Zealand, Denmark

First up is Summer Haus just north of Copenhagn this holiday home belongs to Danish Jewellery Designer Charlotte Lynggaard. Situated by the coast this property looks right at home, with its weathered wooden cladded exterior. The gardens are planted with plants that thrive in this environment, there is also a kitchen garden that the owners grows fruit and veg in, which we just love.

Photos by Mark Seelen

Photos by Mark Seelen

The interiors of this property are very true of the scandi aesthetic, the colour palette is simple and considered. Owner, Charlotte was also influenced heavily with Japanese minimalism and decor. Light in scandi properties is very important as the winters are long and dark, so designers and architects try to fill rooms with as much natural light as possible. The homes often have open plan living, raised ceilings and large windows to allow light to flood in.

The large kitchen diner is a true representation of all the scandi things we love.

Photos by Mark Seelen

Photos by Mark Seelen

Natural materials feature heavily and the furniture and soft furnishings add character and personality. The mix of neutral colours with accents of blues and slate reflect the landscape on which the house sits. In the living room the large crittall windows in white keep the space feeling bright. A gallery wall in a great way to showcase artwork. The low sofas are a nod to the japanese influence.

Photos by Mark Seelen

Photos by Mark Seelen

The study pictured above features a floor to ceiling bookcase with ample storage in a custom size and layout. A bookshelf like this is also a good space divider in open plan living - it would also work well in small spaces like a studio to break up the space and create useful storage.

Photos by Mark Seelen

Photos by Mark Seelen

The master bedroom is white and bright with blue accents. Built in closet space keeps the room feeling minimal whilst providing much needed storage. Select antique pieces are dotted around the room and bring character to very neutral space. Less is definitely more in this room.

Photos by Mark Seelen

Photos by Mark Seelen

Outside the views are breathtaking over the sea and where better to sit and take it all in, than in an outdoor bathtub. Just imagine waking up to that view every morning!

Photos by Mark Seelen

Photos by Mark Seelen

The way this home is accessorised and styled in simple but elegant, with richly textured fabrics, perfectly placed ornaments, plants, cushions and throws. Art is important with large abstract pieces that are placed around the home in a simple and uncluttered way.

Key features we love:

  • Outdoor bath tub

  • Simple colour palette

  • High ceilings

  • Crittal doors/windows

  • Weathered cladding

Source: Est Living and

Home of NOMA Chef René Redzepi

Christianshavn, Copenhagen, Denmark

Next up is a home full of character and rustic charm the property is a 200-year-old former blacksmith’s workshop. Which belongs to René Redzepi the chef behind NOMA, the Copenhagen venue awarded Best Restaurant of the World three times. The interiors of this home have nods to the Noma style and Rene’s dedication to high quality, craftsmanship and Nordic heritage. The oak floors and exposed beams are a total reflection of this.


In the kitchen the owners have kept original blacksmith’s furnace in the kitchen which is a unique feature. Not only is this a focal point but it keeps the house warm in the colder months, which is much needed in this part of the world.

Oak features heavily in this home, with beautiful cabinetry in the kitchen and bathrooms. The stairs are also a beautiful example of craftsmanship. The kitchen island is a central feature of the kitchen and houses plenty of storage.

Photos: Paul Massey

Photos: Paul Massey

Photos: Paul Massey

Photos: Paul Massey

The home is furnished in an unpretentious, timeless and simple fashion. There are beautiful pieces of furniture that have been sourced from flea markets and second hand stores that compliment the age of the property.

Colour is used in a subtle way in this home, from the butter yellow sofa, soft lilac curtains to the mint green window frames in the kitchen it’s uncomplicated and delicate.

Photos: Paul Massey

Photos: Paul Massey

Photos: Paul Massey

Photos: Paul Massey

The master bedroom is very simple and it’s the original character features that make this room special. There is however a unique fireplace opening to the chimney breast allowing the heat from the furnace below to escape. The pitch of the roof with it’s skylights invites light in and the dramatic beams add so much to this room.

Photos: Paul Massey

Photos: Paul Massey

Above is a fun child’s bedroom, we love this extreme bunkbed and long ladder leading up to it. This is a great way to make the most of a smaller space. The built in closets allow clothes and toys to be kept tidied away. We love how this room is styled with a few key toys.

Photos: Paul Massey

Photos: Paul Massey

The bathrooms reflects the feel of the rest of the house with warm wood, dark slate and bronze accessories that create a spa like vibe.

Key features we love:

  • Wooden beams and oak flooring

  • Beautiful cabinetry

  • Neutral colour palette with soft drops of colours

  • Extreme bunkbed

  • Original features

Sources Living etc and


The Glasshaus

Gothenburg, Sweden

Now we hop over to Sweden to this unique eco-friendly lakehouse complete with an impressive roof terrace that is encapsulated with a greenhouse like structure.


This A-frame greenhouse contains a three-bedroom, two-bath home that protects the owners within from the freezing winters whilst keeping the energy bills low. With a big focus on the environment and eco-living they have incorporated energy efficient technology and solar panels to reduce the homes footprint.

The greenhouse aspect of this house creates the perfect climate to grow fruit and vegetables indoors all year round adding to that eco-living ideal.


The scenery that surrounds this property is gorgeous. The jetty on the lake is so inviting it makes us want to run and jump in.


The interior roof terrance is very impressive and is a great entertaining space.


White walls and polished concrete floors reflect the light to create bright interiors. There is an industrial feel to the home and the light fittings fit in well this asthetic.


The finish of the interiors is very simple and minimalist, white, grey and chrome is the colour palette. With interjections of natural wood.


The greenhouse element of this home is very dominant and striking and we feel inspired to go more green.

Key features we love:

  • A-frame structure

  • Eco friendly set up

  • Polished concrete floors

  • Interior roof terrace

Source Dwell

Eclectic Home


This is the home of Christian Duivenvoorden and his partner, owners of Artilleriet, an amazing decor and furnishings store in Gothenburg. The interiors of this property totally reflect their style and all the things they love from their store.

It’s a stunning place with a fabulous and eclectic style, thanks to a perfect blend of vintage finds, iconic pieces and modern design.

The rooms have high ceilings, long windows and french doors which allow light to flood in. All the rooms are painted white, off white or cream colour, which helps light bounce around. As we have discussed earlier in the blog post light is very important especially this far north in the winter months.

As for materials in this home it is again very simple and paired back with exposed wooden floorboards. The colour palette are whites, creams, greys and black with a mix of natural wood and glass. Everyday objects are on show from the wooden chopping boards to bowls and glassware.

A focal point in this the dining area is the vintage log burner. The furniture is a curated selection of mismatched pieces. The tall backed wooden bench is softened with a gorgeous dark sheepskin and feels very much part of the scandi trend.

Plants bring the only real colour into this home and can be found in most of the rooms. Each one is beautuflly displayed in a variety of concrete pots, black pots and at a varying heights.

In the living room they have used lot’s of textures, the sofas have white linen loose covers that have a relaxed vibe. This is mixed with a variety of textures from the berber style rug, velvet cushions, sheepskins and woollen blankets to add a cosy feel. Don’t be afraid to use white in your home especially when it comes to sofas etc, these loose cover can easily be removed and washed.

The bedroom is very chilled space, again using lots of linen and layers of whites and greys. Lighting in this room is kept simple with a focus on down lights and lamps that can be moved to create a cosy atmosphere.

Modern elements come through more obviously in the kitchen and bathroom. The kitchen has a striking modern black oven that blends into its surrounds. The white metro tiles with black grouting provide a classic back drop to the kitchen with chrome appliances. Some might say that metro tiles are over used but I think they are a classic and look great in most homes.

The last room that we are looking at in this property is the bathroom, the modern white bath tub sits on industrial style black floor tiles. With a repurposed wooden cabinet that provide lots of storage and space for the black basin, mirror and tray full of goodies.

Key features we love:

  • Simple white bath tub

  • Bamboo and silk statement light in the living room.

  • Berber style rug

  • Vintage wood burner

  • Modern black oven.

  • White metro tiles with black grouting

Vega Island Hideaway


The last property we’re visiting is in Norway, hidden away on a remote island called Vega just south of the artic circle. The weather beaten fisherman cottage sits on the rocks of the island. Designed by the Stockholm-based studio Kolman Boye Architects, the exterior is clad in pine that will wear into a grey that will blend with the dark trees and rocky landscape. Timber features heavily on the exterior and interior of the property.

Birch kitchen cabinets and shelves, steel countertops and natural textiles play against a background of whitewashed wood and natural birch, reflecting that incredible light. Floor to ceilng window feature though out the home.

Rooms are arranged on two levels that follow the land’s topography. The lower level is a lofty open-plan living area with a kitchen, dining table and snug sitting area, all arranged around a central stone fireplace, which is the heart of this home.

The upper level houses two double bedrooms and a bathroom; there’s another small double bedroom up in the attic, making this a great getaway for a family or close friends. Every detail is considered; nothing detracts from those mesmerising views.

As for the interior cladding, the timber has been kept light to create a spacious atmosphere. Unfinished birch was used for the window frames and skirting while the wood used for the walls, ceilings and floors has been whitewashed and treated with linseed oil. The interior design remains emphatically scandinavian: simultaneously cutting edge and traditional.

The double volumed form of the house was heavily based on the compositions of traditional fisherman’s boat sheds found on Vega Island. Due to the uneven boulders that Vega Cottage is built on, one half sits slightly higher than the other.

Key features we love:

  • Simple structure

  • Wooden cladding

  • White washed birch interiors

  • Steel countertops

  • Incredible location

Source and Off Grid Hideaways

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