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Sommer Pyne

It’s Wednesday and I’m chatting about Sunday. Don’t worry I haven’t lost my mind I’m just doing a little forward thinking to help you prep for a beautiful sunday that’s centred around you. Sunday is one of my favourite days of the week. It’s the day I focus a little on me, setting myself up for the week ahead. If I don’t take time out for myself I tend to have a breakdown midweek and it’s all a bit too much. Let’s face it most of the time we’re juggling many different hats and rushing here and there, looking after the important people in our lives. How often do you take an hour or two out just for you (and not feel guilty)? For me Sunday is self-care Sunday and it always starts with a bath, music, my favourite Fig and Yarrow Love bath salts, essential oils and a candle. I’m also working on my personal goals at the moment to give me more focus and direction. If I have purpose in my life and a goal to work towards it makes me feel calm and in control. You can get my free guide here on how to create goals that set you heart on fire and a vision board to help bring it to life.

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 11.21.43.png

First things first, book some time out in your diary on Sunday and treat it like you would any other important appointment. Discuss it with your partner in crime and make sure its in their diary too and if you have kids its over to them or your family, friends to take them off your hands for a few hours. Whatever your situation is make sure you have some free time and all the help you need to make this happen. You may be reading this and thinking this sounds ridiculous but trust me you will feel great for it and it’ll set you up for a great week. It may feel indulgent but that’s the whole point. You totally deserve this and you will be a much happier partner, friend and mother etc Now, that you have space for you each week booked in the diary here are my top tips for carving out some much needed time just for you. We like to call it #selfcaresunday - this was actually inspired by Melissa Ambrosini who is an absolute Goddess of positivity. My interpretation of this is to indulge and pamper myself but your idea of #selfcaresunday may be something totally different. How you do it is personal to you, so take on my tips but ultimately I just want you to do what makes you happy. So if you want to join me for #selfcaresunday this sunday head over to my Bathe and Beauty section and order some goodies. Tag me in any instagram post with #selfcaresunday. It’s all about being prepped so when Sunday comes along you have no excuses. If you order today you’ll have your products by Friday. If you already have your own beauty products to hand then you’re one step closer. Here are some of the things that I like to do to take care of me….

  • Block off some time (hopefully this is already in the diary) - This is your time, so ask yourself what is it that I most need right now. Do you need to relax and give yourself a little pamper or do you need to laugh or you may just need to sit in a cafe on your own with your fave book. Only you can answer this.

  • Losing yourself in a podcast is a great distraction from our daily grind and can help shift your mind to a positive place. Some of my favourites are Tony Robins, Happy Place by Fearne Cotton, The guilty Feminist, Melissa Ambrosini, Nick Broadhurst,Ted Talks, The High Low

  • I love a bath because it’s relaxing and I seem to be my most creative when I’m in the bath. I love using our pink love salts and our matcha milk from Fig and Yarrow. I have my music playing and I read. I always look forward to this time and feel super relaxed afterwards.

  • I’m terrible at taking my makeup off or giving my skin any extra attention and then I wonder why it gets irritated. So now I try to put some time aside at least once a month where I put on a face and hair mask. With this cold weather I like to inject some moisture with a hydrating face mask. and hair mask Why not even go one step further and shave your legs ;) Or why not get Blow LTD to come to your home for a pamper session for the ultimate indulgence.

  • Another thing I love to do is go to the movies on a rainy day when everyone is at work. I grab a glass of wine and popcorn and lose myself in a movie. I used to hate being on my own when I was young but it now feels like a real treat to be on my own.

  • Breathing is so important but I didn’t know just how important it was until I had a breath coaching session with Stuart from Breath Pod. Yes we need to breath to live but did you know that it could help with your health and wellbeing? Stuart from Breath Pod says it can help with increased productivity, communication, confidence,­ focus, alleviate stress, anxiety, fatigue and help reduce negative emotions such as anger, fear, frustration and depression. My session was incredible and by the end of it I felt the most relaxed i’ve ever felt.


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Sommer Pyne

My Summer holiday has finally arrived and as the kids finish school, I find myself running around trying to shop for last minute bits, pack for the whole family and hope I haven't forgotten anything. I'm not a fan of packing but I am a fan of keeping my skin hydrated in this hot weather.

Whether you're travelling abroad or staying put in the UK. I thought I would share with you my top 5 beauty essentials. I find these are all great to throw in a travel bag or beach bag and will help keep you cool, refreshed and looking gorgeous this summer. 

Shimmer Dry Oil

Shimmer Dry Oil

1.     Shimmer Dry Oil

Meraki moisturising body oil with shimmer effect gives your body a beautiful summer glow. The oil nourishes and softens your skin while the shimmer effect reflects the light giving your skin a beautiful golden glow. The oil contains i.a. vitamin E and organic sunflower oil that hydrate your skin leaving it soft and glowing. Apply a thin layer to your legs, arms, shoulders and décolleté to give your skin an instant glow.

Grown Alchemist Amenity Kit

Grown Alchemist Amenity Kit

2. Grown Alchemist Amenity Kit

Grown Alchemist's 'Amenity Kit' includes three everyday beauty essentials. Perfect size for traveling and a great way to get acquainted with Grown Alchemist. The kit contains a moisturizing cream, hydrating lip balm and soothing hand cream, each one rich in antioxidants and botanical extracts to protect and nourish your skin.


Meraki Pop-up Cloths

Meraki Pop-up Cloths

3. Meraki Pop-up Cloths

These clever disposable pop-up cloths are perfect for everyday use. Compressed to the size of a coin they are perfect to take with you when you’re on the go or for traveling. The cloths come in a convenient box that fits perfectly into a bag. The box contains 60 pieces.

How to use: Simply add water and watch it unfold into a soft washcloth. A perfect travel companion.

Grown Alchemist - Body Treatment Oil

Grown Alchemist - Body Treatment Oil

4. Grown Alchemist Body Treatment Oil – Ylang, Tamanu & Omega 7 100ml

A highly absorbent Body Oil formulated with a sensuous and potent blend of botanical active ingredients that soften and smooth while increasing skin elasticity and hydration, noticeably improving skin texture and appearance. And at 100ml this is just the right size to go in your carry-on bag. Top tip - Keep in the fridge during the summer, for that extra cooling factor when you apply it to your skin.

Himalayan Salt Hydrating Mask

Himalayan Salt Hydrating Mask

5. Himalayan Salt Hydrating Mask Sachets (3x10g)

An intensely hydrating clay face mask, developed for sensitive and dry skin. This water-activated clay mask hydrates and protects your skin using powdered Althaea root, drawing out dead skin and bacteria. Gentle French Red Clay cleanses the skin and promotes blood circulation, facilitating healing to skin conditions. These sachets are the perfect size to take away with you.

Happy travels, Sommer x