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Sommer Pyne

If you have been following me for a while you will know that I've spent the last two years renovating and decorating my home. I decked my house out with furniture and accessories but no matter what I did something didn't feel right and I couldn't quite put my finger on it. It wasn't until last week when I took some time out and I started experimenting with some of the lighting from our new collection that the penny dropped. I missed the most important thing; lighting! Get it wrong and it's an instant mood killer. I was too preoccupied with colours of the walls, accessories and making sure it all looked perfect that I forgot that one simple thing. Mood lighting. Here are a few tips I've picked up along the way to get the right balance:


Multiple lighting sources

It's a common mistake to think about lighting the whole room. Instead try using multiple light sources lighting up corners, accentuating architectural features, using tables lamps and floor lamps. This style of lighting is much more subtle, warm and inviting. It's not just about using standard lights, think about candles, low wattage eddison bulbs and experiment with different lampshades. Placing lights at different heights also helps create interest and adds a subtle drama to a room.

Buster and Punch light switch

Buster and Punch light switch


It seems like a no brainer to me to use dimmers in every room, even the WC. It just gives you so much flexibility and you can create different moods depending on how you wish to use the room. I'm told that this is a great way to save energy and your bulbs last longer. 

Function of the room

Think about the room and how you wish to use it. Do you want to create a warm cosy feel or is it a place where you're going to work, in which case you may want to consider functional lighting. This kind of lighting is more practical, think desk lamps, bathroom mirror lights, kitchen lights for prepping food etc. Each room has a different function so you should treat each room separately. A good place to start is to write down what you will be doing in each room and what you want to highlight and importantly the mood you want people to feel when walking into the room. If you are renovating it really is worth spending the extra money on a lighting designer or if you are using a good interior designer they should be able to help you with the lighting plan.

If you're in London and you get a chance visit the Edition hotel, it's not only beautiful but it's a perfect example of good lighting design. I absolutely love it and it's the kind of place you don't want to leave. I could happily spend the afternoon sipping cocktails and admiring the view.

Here's a selection of the House Curious lighting collection to get you thinking about the possibilities.