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House Curious

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Show notes from my interview with Chloe from The London Botanists

Sommer Pyne


I recently chatted with Chloe, who is one of the founders from The London Botanists. They sell a range of CBD oils and I wanted to get the facts from her to clear up a few myths. Cannabidiol more commonly known as CBD oil has had an increased in popularity due to it being available on the high street and in health food shops. It’s also now available on the NHS. Like me you may have thought it was only an option for seriously ill people but its now gaining popularity with wellness fans with the promise of being able to provide everything from pain relief to depression, anxiety and acne.

Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 10.21.59.png

If you’re curious like me then head over to IGTV to watch my interview with Chloe to hear us chat everything CBD oil.

When trying anything new I also advise people to do their own research so that you can make your own informed choice. As mentioned in our chat I have linked a few studies and articles below that may be a good start. If you want to purchase CBD oil head over to The London Botanists to find out more. If you use code HOUSECURIOUS at checkout you’ll get 10% off your first purchase if you purchase before the 15th Feb 2019

More about The London Botanist in their own words….

The London Botanists was created in 2018 with one simple goal in mind; to take the uncertainty out of buying Cannabis related products. We are determined to drive the current revolution in the perception of Cannabis forward by always providing truly exceptional products.

We are members of the CTA (Cannabis Trades Association) and bring customers comfort in the knowledge that they are buying a product that is completely safe and of the highest quality.

We also believe that as a business, we have a duty to make sure that we do not impact the environment negatively. We ensure that packaging is kept to an absolute minimum, is recyclable and, where possible, use recycled materials.

Links to articles and research pieces: - mens health - research by Professor Phillip McGuire, Kings College London - Marie Claire article

A good site summarising studies that have been done:

Other interesting links

This video is heart wrenching and fascinating. About a little girl called charlotte with crippling epilepsy. CBD saved her life and now the strain is called charlotte’s web named after her.

A slightly conspiratorial view of cannabis prohibition:

Interesting talks on the commercialisation of cannabis:

Ginger Tonic recipe (Makes 1 litre= 15 shots)


200 grams ginger

1/2 sliced lemon

3 lemons

1 Tbsp of honey (to taste)

1 small tea bag

15 small pumps of CBD Syrup


Add chopped ginger and sliced lemon to a pan of water, cover and boil for 1/2 an hour. 

Meanwhile, juice 3 lemons. 

Once ginger has finished boiling add lemon juice and teabag (for about 30 seconds). Add honey to taste. 

You can either add CBD oil

Leave to rest and strain. I keep mine in the fridge and lasts about one week.  You can either add the pumps of CBD oil at this point or add the CBD to each shot once poured.